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Endorsements of Allison Love

Allison has served the Lake Wylie community for 7 years. She has protected many greenspaces in the community and fights everyday to make D2 a more livable place.


— Marsha G.
D2 Resident

Allison does a great job researching and attacking problems of D2. Open and holds to the ideals that push our community to be a better place. — Clyde H.
D2 Resident & Former Blue Granite Customer

Allison has always been very helpful when I had questions about future developments. She helped in getting my dirt road paved and it is very appreciated by me and my neighbors. I have always felt included by being invited to D2 meetings. — Anne T.
Lake Wylie Resident

Allison is one of the hardest working county council members I have ever seen. She always researches issues to the fullest, thus she is able to express herself in the the most professional and effective manner. — Tom B.
York County Resident

Allison works for ALL the people, not just some of the people and for the best interests of the people whether they know it or not. — Ralph T.
Future D2 Resident

Allison Love is THE candidate who truly cares about D2! She has done so much for our community. Appreciate all she has done.

— Sue D.
Resident of York, SC D2

Allison loves our district. She knows our issues. She knows others that can help our district.

She's for smart growth!

— RH Ferguson
Resident of 29710

Allison Love is sincerely interested in helping the people of D2. She is against any further residential development that would increase our dense traffic problem. Previous council reps are responsible for the mess in D2. Allison is our only hope!  — Dorothy J.
Clover, SC Resident

Allison has done wonderful things for D2 and York County. We are thankful for her efforts to ensure rational and quality development. We are preserving green spaces for future generations. That's why I support I support Allison. 

— Mike C.
York District 2 Resident

I strongly endorse Allison Love because she has worked so hard in making life in Lake Wylie and the rest of District 2 a better place to live. She tirelessly worked in the development of a dog park, walking trails and disc golf. She is an environmental watchdog for District 2!  — Donna W.
District 2 Resident

Allison has always been responsive to requests for information about D2. Allison works for the PEOPLE of the area. We are blessed with having her as our representative. — Rick G.
Lake Wylie Area Resident

Allison can always be counted on to address relevant issue in the community including when if it involves her contacting other agencies within the state that have primary responsibility of addressing concerns. DHEC, SCDOT are examples. These relationships are a must for effective and full representation of her constituents. 

— Deb S.
York SC District 2 Resident

Allison has a great vision for District 2 and has been very

effective in slowing the residential growth. 

— Joe B.
Long Time Resident of Lake Wylie Area

I am voting for Allison Love because she is creating a community that is geared toward families ~ not overcrowding, but green spaces, trails, parks and gathering spots. I love this!

— Karen C.
D2 Resident and Mom

Allison is a voice of reason and common sense for York County.

I am grateful to have her on our County Council.

— Denise B.
Fort Mill Resident

- The first thing that I appreciated about Allison when I moved to Lake Wylie in 2017 was her concern for the York County Animal Shelter dogs and cats.  Since that time, conditions at the Shelter have greatly improved. Allison is an advocate for animals as well as people. 
- When I moved to Lake Wylie, I did not feel a sense of community.  Allison began Crash Mobs and I met nice people that I am still friends with.  COVID halted the crash mobs, but now we have events at the Naked Goat Market and Woodend Farm that give the community an opportunity to get together and enjoy each other.
- Allison makes herself very accessible by cell phone number, her county email and an active Facebook page.  Any time I have reached out to Allison regarding a concern in our District, she has replied within a few hours.  
- Let's talk grand trees! The beauty of our area includes the lake and trees. I personally witnessed Allison running across Hwy 274 to save a grand oak. It was tagged to be saved, but a developer was starting to tear limbs off the tree. 

- Allison listened to the people in D2 and created a tax district to preserve land and protect it.  The desire for a community dog park has flourished into several areas of enjoyable space.

- Allison's communi-TEE shirts give us a feeling of unity in the community.  When I see someone wearing a community t-shirt, it gives me the opportunity to strike up a conversation as was the intent...meeting each other.
- Allison supports local businesses.  Crash Mobs introduced me to restaurants that I had not been to and now frequent.  The Teesday initiative offers community opportunity to wear their t-shirt and enjoy a discount at local restaurants. 
- Passion!  Her position as Councilwoman is a 24/7 endeavor that she passionately fulfills.  She also lights up with delight as she discusses future plans for D2.  I have no doubt that the future of D2 will continue to be even brighter during Allison's next term.
— Anne Violanti

We are grateful to Allison Love for her successful efforts to prevent needless duplicated businesses, multifamily development, and saving green space for our community.
— Ray & Linda
D2 Residents York, SC

Committee to Re-Elect Allison Love
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