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A Finger on the Pulse of District 2 & York County

Many of you are already on a first name basis with Allison Love. If you aren't, you likely will be after meeting or speaking with her a first time. She is a true advocate for the people she represents. As a 32 year resident of District 2, she has experienced the growth and is familiar with the needs and wants of the community. She is a local York County business owner with over 40 years of negotiation and customer service experience. Allison has served the district for 7 years and looks forward to continuing her efforts in pacing residential growth, attracting beneficial economic growth and creating green spaces for community enjoyment. Allison continues to be a great advocate for our smallest local business owners including makers, bakers and local farms. Bringing the diverse areas of a community together is important and Allison has said many times the best part of her 40 plus hours a week role is meeting the people who live, work and play in District 2. She will continue to be a strong voice dedicated to the people throughout D2. Allison ran for her position in 2016 and was re-elected in 2020 with an overall goal of being able to better communicate to fellow council members the needs of our both rural and urban ways of life in D2. She has been successful in her efforts of slowing the negative impacts of dense residential growth by not continuing to backfill the pipeline of houses approved for the area. ZERO developer's requests for higher density residential subdivisions have been approved in the past 7 years. This alone has greatly reduced potential density. Zoning for apartments/multi family is no longer a by right designation per the comprehensive land use plan and many parcels reverted back to Agricultural zoning at her request in the most recent D2 comp plan review. This means more properties calling for one home per 5 acres rather than multiple homes per acre. You can count on Allison Love to take your calls, respond to your emails and act on your concerns promptly and effectively. She loves the area and her goal is to take what we have been dealt over past years and make it the best it can be. We ALL need Allison Love on our side.
Call her anytime with your questions at 803-431-9085. You can also email her at

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