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Allison Love, York County resident with 30 years in the Clover ~ Lake Wylie area has owned a local York County business for 25 years. She currently serves as the District 2 Representative and County Council Vice Chair. Prior to becoming a council member in 2017, Allison served on the York County zoning board of appeals and the comprehensive land use committee. One of her goals is to manage the diminishing return of rampant growth and prevent high density development and it's increased impact on infrastructure.

Love is results oriented with many accomplishments on behalf of York County as a whole. Allison has been unwavering in her efforts to promote quality of life and preserve greenspace in D2. A countywide lighting ordinance, Stormwater efforts to reduce runoff from development and the creation of a special tax district to acquire and preserve land are lasting and noticeable differences made by Allison with the support of fellow residents and Council members. York County's buyout of Blue Granite Water in early 2023 was a priority for Love on behalf of 5000 residences in the Lake Wylie area of D2. The denial of EVERY rezoning request for high density subdivisions since taking office has resulted in fewer homes and less impact on infrastructure in the booming Lake Wylie side of D2. The purchase of 155 acres of greenspace in the Bethel Lake Wylie area was a vision Allison presented to taxpayers who also saw the need and voted 67% in favor in 2020. The plans for a Farmers Market, Dog Park, Disc Golf and Music Venue are currently underway by York County.  

Allison fully supports our local fire departments and EMS. She has allocated discretionary funds to both Bethel and Clover Fire Departments and many of our local charitable organizations including Moped To Memphis, Stellie J. Jackson Enrichment Center, Lake Wylie Children's Charity, Clover Area Assistance Center, The River Hills Lions Club, Mayday Project and numerous others. Working in support of one another is important and increases the magnitude of effort made by so many in our area. 

The job of representative is rewarding but consuming. Allison works well over 40 hours a week in the her role mostly due to the impacts of growth in the Lake Wylie area. Her goal in managing a plan for a better outcome going forward also includes maintaining what is valued in the more rural side of the district. The "Unincorporated Clover" area will catch the spillover from Lake Wylie if there is no net in place. Saving farm land and protecting existing residents from high density neighboring development is a growing concern. Allison has proven she will stand strong against rezoning requests by developers for higher density and the negative impact on schools and infrastructure. Unincorporated Clover is a bit under the radar but cannot hide for long as roads are widened and water lines are extended. When it comes to proposals for high density development, you need a voice on your side and you better have the proven one that will look tract builders in the eye and say "I don't support it". 

Allison has most recently proposed that all new subdivisions require 1 acre average minimum lots. She also supports an adequate public facilities ordinance that will allow for the funding of future infrastructure needs to be paid by big developers. This would not deter small local developers but would require national tract builders to contribute toward first respondence including EMS, fire Service and Sheriff's Department needs as well as those of schools, roads, and parks.  These solutions are in beginning stages of consideration in York County at this time. 

Community spirit and involvement ranks high with Allison Love and she invites you to become involved, get to know each other and join forces for a better quality community long term. Enjoy the Photo Galleries on this page to get a feel for the ways Allison has begun to bring people together for fun times closest to home.  Allison is always accessible and can be reached anytime by phone at 803-431-9085 or by email @

Don't hesitate to reach out with your questions or concerns. D2 is your home and what happens in D2 should be determined from your input as residents and business owners. 

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