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Allison Love has served as the York County D2 Council Representative since January 2017. 

Allison ran and took the seat with several priorities in mind. (not necessarily in the order listed)

#1 Halt the residential tract built neighborhood boom that was outpacing infrastructure at a rapid pace. The number one cause of impact were the thousands of high density subdivisions being built in the Lake Wylie side of the district. Approvals without regard for the burden on roads, schools and first response has had a cumulative negative effect on quality of life for many who cherished quieter times and two lane roads of the past and many who moved here thinking they were escaping overgrowth in other areas of the country. The rezonings that allowed for dense housing came to a screeching halt in 2017 and not one has been supported by Ms. Love or approved by county council during her 7 years as our councilwoman. 

#2 Road improvements including potholes being filled more efficiently and mitigation of the impact of Pole Branch Rd widening construction on Stateline Rd. Stateline was not part of the Pennies For Progress funding but Allison worked with DOT to insure it was resurfaced following the construction of Pole Branch. Numerous roads have been addressed in the Town of Clover as well as state and County Roads throughout District 2 with the allocation of D2 C Funds. Gas tax funds don't go very far and allocating funds fairly based on the given criteria is necessary.  

#3 Insure that changes within YC Animal Control were made in the best interest of Dogs, Cats and their owners throughout York County. She began working with County Management on this goal following the primary election in June 2016. York County stats showed about 60% kill rate as most animals were being euthanized at that time. Her attention to this department's needs as a whole continues and YC Animal Control has an over 90% save rate at this time. Allison credits a better focus on this department as a whole and a director and staff determined to make a difference for animals that are temporarily lost or abandoned. The shelter remains deficient county infrastructure as the need for more space has increased with the population growth. Allison Love's philosophy is that residents should feel confident that animals are being cared for in York County.  This is customer service in its highest form and we can look forward to more improvements on behalf of those without a voice in the coming months.

#4  Address the issues and high rates that over 5000 residences had been dealing with as customers of Blue Granite Water Company. The second highest rates in the county and poor customer service had plagued residents for over 25 years. Water capacity was an issue and on several occasions leaks shut down local businesses and restaurants for days. After years of begging the SC Public Service Commission to deny rate increases, the people needed YC to step in. Allison Led that charge and with the support of County Council and County Management/Legal Team was able to announce the buyout of the system in January 2023. Even with a current surcharge of about $18 a month, the bills are lower and the customer relations are far better.

  Many residents have lived here their entire lives and others are new arrivals on the scene. Allison has been a resident of Lake Wylie since 1994 and has seen the area grow from a quiet, combined lakeside and rural community to an area almost unrecognizable to anyone who blinked between 2010 and today. The attraction to our area is highly ranked schools, low SC taxes, lakeside properties, rural acreage and convenience to both Charlotte and Gastonia, NC.

Prior to being elected to county council she served on the county zoning board of appeals and the comprehensive land use committee. 

Allison continues to be a strong and dedicated voice for the people of D2. Please see our "District 2 Goals"  section where we share Allison's long term goals. Both D2 and countywide residents can benefit from her continued efforts to make fiscally sound decisions and her focus on keeping taxes low for everyone. 




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